Jo Lena Johnson | The AG Resilience Coach
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Being courageous, perseverant and remaining open-hearted even when it hurts, is largely because of my belief in God’s promises and demonstrations. I’ve faced a lot of interesting and difficult situations in my life and have become pretty resilient as a result. You can too!

I am a Certified Mediator, International Trainer, Acclaimed Author, Founder and CEO of Absolute Good Training and Life Skills Management, and Publisher of Mission Possible Press. My teachings are principle-focused, results-driven, and heart-centered, which has allowed me to reach nearly 100,000 people worldwide with my no-nonsense and dynamic approach.


Jo Lena Johnson, The Absolute Good Resilience Coach


The Because You Matter audio series will fill your spirit with purpose. Jo Lena’s straight-forward and transparent approach will give you life principles that will lead to the hope and healing that you need.


Contacting Jo Lena Johnson is the first step towards a new life. She will work with you to create a customized individual coaching program to get you the progress needed to achieve your goals.


Jo Lena Johnson is also available to speak in the following settings:

– Corporate

– Church Ministries

– Educational

– Non-Profit


Jo Lena has helped thousands of individuals across the globe achieve their greatness and you are up next!