Jo Lena Johnson | Because You Matter
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The Because You Matter Audio Series is a heart-centered way of connecting with you, the real you, at your core, because you matter. It’s easy to forget that you matter, because of the brave face we often represent ourselves to have. “The representative” is not built for adversity, the real you is. Get perspective. Perspective provides new options. Perspective is key to boldness. Perspective, when enhanced, and used in a lesson-learned kind of way, can make you bold. Be bold. Boldness is having the guts to rise and shine, especially after something bad or difficult has happened. Reflect, recharge, and refresh. Together, we can make it.

Listen to the short messages about important, interesting topics to deal with problems, improve your life, and to be inspired. Make comments, ask questions and please share it with your friends and loved ones via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

Social Engagement

Facebook Live: A Chat on Courage

FB Live post by Jo Lena Johnson, The Absolute Good Resilience Coach

Ask Jo

Do you have a conflict you’re trying to resolve in life, relationships or at work? Call 314.643.7012 and leave a message, giving a brief overview of the issue or challenge. Your message will not be shared with the public. Jo Lena will listen and answer by email or record a short video blog in response. Please tell her if you want to be anonymous or are comfortable being interviewed/getting further clarification on the situation.


Also, you can email Jo Lena if you would like. Emails can be sent to