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Jo Lena Johnson, The Absolute Good Resilience Coach,  customizes programs to fit each clients unique needs. Her simple, yet effective, process will give you the hope and help that you need to get your life back on track. As your coach, Jo Lena will empower you to eliminate obstacles, gain clarity, set goals, and hold you accountable for your greatness by providing you with tools that will enhance your leadership, communication and relationship building skills.


Professional and Personal Hurt is real. The aftermath can have ever-lasting impact if not addressed. It’s time to interrupt the effects of people, places and things which have caused confusion, chaos, fear, pain or distraction. Getting past the past, unstuck, and “on the other side” can be so much easier with hope and help. Working with Jo Lena Johnson will provide just that.


With one to one coaching, workshops, group gatherings and even weekend retreats, get to the heart of the matter, and then get to the other side.


Take the leap today and start the process of changing your life for the better!

Resilience Coaching

One to One Coaching with Jo Lena Johnson

Reduce Stress & Conflict – Make Better Choices – Build Relationships – Get Connected to your Life Purpose, and Your Resources!


Choose Any One of these Areas in the 5 Main Areas of Life and FOCUS
Finances, Health, Relationships, Work/Career, Spirituality/Community





Relationships & Adult Conversations Workshops

When they realized they saw things differently, Steven and Jo Lena decided to share their dirty laundry to help others get through the internal and relationship battles which plague men, women and people of a certain age – after going through life. Once a couple, they parted ways, realizing all love isn’t “good love.” Strategic Planning for Love and War sessions lift the lid off secrets, situations and obstacles adults need to converse about.


Offering customized presentations from and for the male and female perspective, as “IceWater,” which symbolizes the differences and similarities between men and women. Genuinely and openly they share relationship issues, scenarios and strategies in a relatable and conversational style, which makes it easier to hear hard truth. This is insightful and valuable for real people and for real relationships issues. Everyone Deserves Relationships Worth Having!


Each session deals with real life Relationships and Adult Conversations – Addressing conflict, solving problems and creating healthy relationships by getting to the heart of why people struggle, why men and women see love and relationships differently, and what to do about it!


Each Relationships and Adult Conversations session is unique, interactive, engaging and extremely helpful; participants get the help needed to deal with how to have “tough” conversations, how to deal with “sensitive” issues on a personal basis and relationship issues in objective, helpful and forward-moving ways. Results include reduced stress, better listening and communication, understanding and harmony, peace of mind, positivity, productivity and overall better health. All presentations are highly interactive so, instead of allotting for Q&A, we incorporate it throughout.


Each topic can be presented in 45 minutes, 90 minutes, ½ day and even weekend retreats, social or mixer settings to fit with the environment and make the most of the comfort level of the audience.



Youth Leadership Programs

The Youth Leadership Series is a learning opportunity to provide valuable skills & experiences to youth. By providing purpose-driven tools about  – Finance, Family, Community, Career & Health, we create leaders. Our focus is on self-discovery, personal responsibility, empowerment, and new choices which will lead to success.


Be Inspired! 7 Ways to Rise Up

1. Self-Appreciation

2. Be Patient and Kind

3. Respect Yourself and Others

4. Good Character

5. Be A Willing Leader

6. Vision

7. Start with A Solid Foundation


Rise to greatness with self-appreciation, positive thinking, good habits and vision.

Focused, principle-centered, lively and insightful, this character and confidence building program provides tangible leadership principles which give insight, clarity and vision to audience/participants to see themselves at their best, and to perform from that position.


Walk Straight

Providing the finer principles, attitudes and actions youth, and especially young men, Need to be Successful.


Reach, teach, relate and empower youth, and especially young men for Leadership and Success in Today’s World with this interactive, motivating action-oriented, self-contained program.


A tool to fill in the gaps and give direction, focus and action steps necessary to engage & empower today’s youth.


Go Deeper - 90 Day Coaching Program

I offer personal, professional, life purpose and executive coaching services. Each program will be 90 days. I will meet with you on Skype and/or by phone for 8 hours a month, which allow for up to 60 minutes per week and a two hour session that can be broken down, if needed.



Author Coaching

Book Writing & Consulting Services

As publisher of Mission Possible Press, Jo Lena Johnson turns hopeful writers into published authors through literary coaching, book shepherding, and ghost writing services. Bringing to market more than 30 books with 25 published authors to date, all the while providing tools to communicate and thrive at work, at home, and in life. Principle-focused, results-driven, and heart-centered, Jo Lena has taught almost 100,000 people worldwide with her no-nonsense and dynamic approach. Become uniquely self-aware, unburdened, enlightened and empowered through spending time with Ms. Johnson.