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The Clean Colored Girl Chronicles

By Jo Lena Johnson

Mission Possible Press, 2018


Vol. 1: Broken Conditions, January 2018

Vol. 2: Lady and The Chief, Summer 2018

Vol. 3: Married and Divorced In the Same Year, Winter 2018




The Clean Colored Girl Chronicles are stories from one woman’s life as she shares how relationships made her and broke her. As she learned how to navigate through being a daughter with parent issues, a black woman, single woman, dating woman, married yet unhappy woman, divorced woman and an entrepreneur, she is a clean colored girl, making it in the world. Trials keep you strong when you learn to endure them, and that she does.




Broken Conditions, Volume 1 of The Clean Colored Girl Chronicles, highlights the author’s college years and chronicles key relationships which lead to drama, adventure, hurt and poor choices into her 30’s. See how growing up affects and influences almost every decision, relationship and behavior. When what she learned wasn’t working, she did something about it, sometimes!









REVIEW: The Clean Colored Girl Chronicles, Volume 1, Broken Conditions by Jo Lena Johnson


“This book is an honest account of the life experiences of a “clean colored girl.” The author doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel here. She simply tells the stories that many women, colored or otherwise, can relate to. The stories that shape who we become over and over again; growing up a product of divorce, the struggle of the mother-daughter relationship, and MEN! These are stories of failure and brokenness and growth and resilience. Johnson’s storytelling is such that you’ll place yourself in the back seat of that Cadillac with the trumpet player’s friend as he starts to urinate in a cup. You’ll experience the terror of hiding in the bathroom as your mother’s drug addicted boyfriend kicks in the back door. You can taste the excitement of living out your dreams in Los Angeles and the fulfillment of finding God and purpose. This is a good and quick read that will leave you wanting Volume 2.”

– Faith Conner, Host, The Platform 314 Podcast


“People don’t mind breaking others because they are already broken and we all know misery loves company. Once broken, restoration is possible. I am excited to put the past where it belongs, because it has passed. But in between, a whole lot of holes happened. These are my stories of life, love, grace and resilience. By reading my chronicles, maybe you can get some perspective to help you with your own – or at least avoid some of my failings and shortcomings.”

– Jo Lena Johnson, Author, Broken Conditions, Volume 1 of The Clean Colored Girl Chronicles



About Jo Lena Johnson:


Jo Lena Johnson, The Absolute Good Resilience Coach, is a Certified Mediator, International Trainer, Acclaimed Author, Founder and CEO of Absolute Good Training and Life Skills Management, and Publisher of Mission Possible Press. Principle-focused, results-driven, and heart-centered, Jo Lena has taught nearly 100,000 people worldwide with her no-nonsense and dynamic approach. With messages of how to effectively communicate, manage conflict, and how to maintain even after something bad happens (resilience). Become uniquely self-aware, unburdened, enlightened and empowered through spending time with Ms. Johnson.



Peeling through the Pain


With time, the layers are thicker, the contents more fragile. Hurt is real and deep and festers when allowed to collect, rotting in your soul, mind and emotions. Have you ever wished you could peel through the pain? Peeling hurts too, because the infected areas become exposed. Facing exposure can be shameful, embarrassing and difficult. Yet, peeling can be soothing as the core, is safe, if you can get to it.


Like the author, if you’ve lived long enough, you’ve also made thousands of mistakes requiring acknowledgment, adjustment and apology at times. That hurts too. Peeling through the pain takes courage. Being courageous and remaining open-hearted, even when it hurts, that’s resilience. Becoming resilient takes belief, hard work and perseverance. Trials keep you strong when you learn to endure them, especially as you get to your core. You will make it – because you matter.


Strategic Planning for Love and War: Relationships and Adult Conversations

For Relationships worth having. Get to the heart of why you struggle, why men and women see love and relationships differently, and WHAT to do about it. With a musical twist. Written by a man and woman, with the input of the best R&B songs from the last 30 years, this journey will quench your thirst, soothe your soul, heal your hurts and help you explore your heart and communication.


You Are Brilliant, 7 Ways To Shine

In this succinct little book chock full of wisdom, get to the core of how to bring good into your world and how to keep it with 7 simple, yet powerful reminders. Through affirmation and prayer, get past the past and draw forth thoughts, habits and actions to change and improve virtually every aspect of your life. Be Inspired as International Communication Strategist Jo Lena Johnson shares a working book for the mind and healing for the soul and spirit.


A Light Is Born! 7 Ways To Show Your Brilliance.

A Light is Born! 7 Ways to Show Your Brilliance An inspiring children’s book reinforcing values and good habits with love, patience, respect and more. Parents can read it to recapture the simple truths that lead adults to be shining role models for kids.